Top Tips to Boost your Mood

I'ts that awkard time of year in between Christmas and spring when you're skint and want it to be warm enough to do something, but the cold weather just pulls you back inside. It's that nothingness that isn’t quite ready for you to enjoy summer ... just yet. So we decided to come up with a list of things to do in Liverpool that will pick your moods up a little bit and make the next few weeks just a bit more bearable. 

When was the last time you tried something new? Here are our 5 tips to boost your mood this March.

1. Fresh air

People often tend to forget about the importance of spending time outside and underestimate the health benefits of spending time outdoors. If you are spending most of your time inside the air conditioned office or home, you are forcing your body to use stale air. By doing so you are making it harder for your body to stay healthy and fresh. So go for a run around your local park and make the most of the quiet time.

“Sometimes you just need to step outside, get some fresh air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be”

2. Rock & Mountain Climbing at the Climbing Hangar

It's a known fact that climbing makes you stronger, fitter and braver, and where else can you escape to on your own door step which accommodates all fitness levels and gets you ready whether its your first of fiftieth climb. Try out the Climbing Hangar today no matter what your age or fitness level.

3. Yoga at Happiness Hot Yoga

If you close your eyes and click your heels hard enough and you might just appear in the tranquil heated studios we like to call Happiness Hot Yoga. It's the perfect environment where you can unwind, de-stress and relax. Walk inside and in just an hour, you’ll be completely revitalised, your mind will be calm, positive and filled with bliss. 

4. Spinning at Rise

Theres only one way to get summer ready and thats by Rise Cycle Studio’s daily boutique spin classes. With our energetic, charismatic and passionate instructors you will squeezing into those spandex for summer and telling all your mates about the best hangout place in Liverpool. 

5. Renting a dog or helping out at a doggy day care.

If you've ever owned a pet you already know how much fun and affection they can bring. But did you know that pets also come with some pretty powerful mental and physical benefits too? Dogs in particular can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. So, why not volunteer or help out at our local, loveable and winner of Liverpool's 2018 Best New Start Up Business- 'Kates Doggy Boutique'.

And finally our fav, PowerSoul!! If you haven't heard of these events then seriously, where have you been?! PowerSoul is the love child of two instructors here at Rise Cycle Studio who bring people together through love of great music, empowerment, self love, fitness and nutrition.  

Check out their Instagram @power_soul_ for more details on their next event.

Alishia Thomas