So, who exactly are PowerSoul?

It was Valentines this month and two of our very own instructors were in the mood for giving, sharing and doing the ever popular health gig a little bit differently. Enter, PowerSoul, the health revolution and unique creation of two our most beautiful, down to earth and bad ass hippy cycle instructors you could ever meet: Gina and Hailey. 

We spoke to Gina and Hailey ahead of their next event to find out a little bit more about PowerSoul ....

Who are PowerSoul?

We're just two ladies, who've between us, been involved in the health and fitness industry for almost 20yrs.

Gina Torres (the superstar DJ and cool hippy of the two), has been teaching Yoga for over 5yrs and living a beautifully balanced vegan/raw lifestyle for even longer. Gina is passionate about empowering people though exercise, music and nutritional health.

Hailey Coxon has been involved in the industry for almost 20yrs, teaching, Personal Training and Coaching. Hailey's passion now is Holistic health, approaching your health and wellness, with a whole mind and body focus. Balance is the key and boutique spinning is her favourite way to get sweaty!

How did you both meet?

We met through teaching at Rise! As soon as we realised we had such similar beliefs and passions for health, fitness, general well-being and great tunes, the idea of PowerSoul was born! We want to bring people together through great music, empowering fitness and nutrition. And these are the solid foundations of which PowerSoul was built. 

With day retreats already up and running, bespoke corporate days are a key focus of the brand which we want to push as we move further into the year and with people working longer and more unsociable hours. We tailor make playlists bespoke to our clients and guests needs. We just want to offer a unique health experience for you, your colleagues and of course your mates!

What to expect from a Power Soul event?

* Bespoke live DJ & Ride - Gina provides the live DJ set and Hailey delivers the 45min Ride
* Nutrition Talk - May include an intro to Juice/Smoothies and Superfood snacks
* Yoga & Meditation
* Closing Party Vibes 

Can anyone attend?

Absolutely! Guys, girls, its for everyone. The most important thing is you all come to enjoy a day of investing in you, a balanced exercise and nutrition focus and of course sampling some tasty treats!

How to get tickets?

Where can we find out more about you?

IG: @power_soul_
FB: @powersoulliv

Or you can always find us at the Studio! Check out our class and timetable here

Alishia Thomas