After Christmas, January is the month many of us vow to go dry for 31 days, and its the month that seems like the perfect time for decluttering pretty much everything in life and changing things for the better; such as house, work, car, wardrobe, even down to your body and what you put inside it.

We spoke to Rise Instructor Hailey Coxon to find out more about her January love affair with the green side.

 Why you did Veganuary?

I did it for the challenge and discipline after a VERY over indulgent December!

I've been dabbling with veganism for a while, and while many of my Liverpool friends are now vegan i was already aware of what they eat and how they successfuly live the lifestyle. When i had trialled it in the past, my body really took to it, and it was just my mind that failed in the end!

Lindt chocolate and Nutella have been my past weakness! (Nutella though, oh my!)

How did it affect your overall moods, lifestyle and cravings?

I thought I'd be craving more cheese and milk chocolate, then as a result of that it would effect my moods and motivation, but I've not missed cheese or craved it and I've found some fantastic vegan treats as a replacement, even some vegan cheeses I found, which are made from cashew nuts have hit the spot too ! The benefits have totally outwayed the challenges, I definitely feel less bloated, my mind feels clearer and I feel more in control of my body, knowing more about exactly what I'm putting into my body and where its coming from is empowering and also ridiculously tasty!

Whats your favourite/ go to Vegan recipe?

I definitely missed those Friday night curry's so this would be my main one:

And for those days my sweet tooth is playing up, i like to make these with natural organic nut butter

Do you have tips for anyone looking to make the switch to going Vegan?

  1. Be prepared! Clear the house out of anything that might be a a challenge to be around, or if thats not possible due to a partner or children that aren't vegan, make sure you have access to an alternaitve, so there is something at hand to help you through any weak moment.
  2. Get to know where is easy for you to buy the products you need to stock up in, use social media for support groups, recipes and inspiration. Remember its a lifestyle, and you've taken this long to carve out your current lifestyle, so it may take a little time to introduce yourself to your new way of living.
  3. If you fall off the wagon, don't beat yourself up about it, learn from it and move on, save your energy for all the new recipes you are going to be sampling!
  4. It is important to listen to your body, veganisim isn't for everyone, so make sure you are not depriving it of key nutrients, be aware of trying to stay balanced, maybe keeping a journal a the beginning of your mission, could help you keep track of what works for you, how it is effecting your moods, sleeping cravings etc. 
  5. Believe it or not, you are in the best City for being Vegan! I recently met a Canadian guy who had been travelling all round the UK (including London), and he'd found that Liverpool was the most Vegan friendly city he had come across on his travels! Even pubs are introducing vegan menus and vegan beers!! So unlike years ago, you've got so many options eating and drinking out now in our great city. Liverpool the vegan capital of the UK?? !..... hmm maybe!!

Thank you to Hailey for updating us on her amazing green & plant powered journey! You can catch Hailey at the Studio Monday @ 6pm/ Tuesday @9.4am/ Saturday @ 9am & 10.15am

Alishia Thomas