Rider to Recruit by Emily Bygroves

This week we talk to Rise’s newest recruit Emily and find how she went from one side of the bike to the other. 

So how did this all happen??

Emily explains …… The last 4 years I feel have been somewhat of a fast forward for me to say the least. 

I got married in 2013 and by Winter 2016 I was a mum to two boys.

It hasn’t always been a dream for me to be a Mum I was never been the “maternal” type and struggled a lot after my second baby James. Mostly with weight gain, depression and the thought that I may never be ‘Emily’ again!

Emily was the girl most girls know, pretty down to earth, likes getting dressed up, girls stuff etc and letting her hair down of a weekend with very few cares in the world ! But as I mentioned above, fast forward 4 years and this party girl came crashing down to earth with a bang! 

The height of my depression was in May 2017 when I was driving down Smithdown Road (a route I never normally take) when I noticed on the left hand side a sign above a shop Rise Cycling Studio ! I immediately turned off the road and went round the block to drive past again and was excited to see a spin studio at last in Liverpool!

I had been to a few cycle studios in London and couldn’t believe Liverpool finally had its own boutique studio.

I joined that day. 

The classes were so uplifting and helped me so much to have some time out from being a Mum and get back to ‘Emily’. That single 45 minute class helped me face the day, and, as each week passed I was starting to feel like me again slowly, but surely.

It wasn’t until the end of July after entering ‘The Gym Bird’s’ body transformation competition and winning that things really started to change for me. Harriet aka The Gym Bird noticed the hours and commitment I was putting in, but not getting the results i needed due to poor diet and training etc.

Being a fitness and spin instructor was something i always dreamed of when i was younger, but at 40 years of age i thought there was no way this could ever happen to someone my age, especially after two kids!

The Gym Bird approached me near the end of my transformation and asked if I would like to start teaching a few fitness classes and enrol on the Rise Academy.

Fast forward, an intense 3 day Instructor training Academy at Rise, PT and Exercise to music courses, I am now a qualified instructor at Rise.

So, in less than a year, the old (and much improved) Emily is back, and I am eternally grateful for all my blessings in life. The people who have got me to where i am today, my two beautiful boys and finally finding the balance in life that i craved. 

I have found the thing I want to be when I grow up!! It took me a while (20 years to be exact) for me to realise it and have the confidence to be able to grow and support others on a similar journey in life.

All I can say is a big THANK YOU to the Rise Academy and instructors. Thank you for helping me find my wings and grow in to the person i am today.  

Eternally grateful 

E x

For all Rise Academy enquiries for 2018 please register your interest here: https://www.risecycling.co.uk/riseacademy/

Alishia Thomas