Ab blast by the Gym Bird

Just because we're closed for a few days over Christmas doesnt mean you can slack off on your diet and gym routine. And because we love you guys, we sat down with the Gym Bird who gave us this quick at home- fight the festive bulge body blitz. 

If you're short on time just do 3 reps of 10 sets.

Equipment needed: one set of light-medium dumbbells e.g. 4kg

The weights are optional to hold during each exercise. Complete the 7 exercises back to back and take a 2-3 minute rest at the end. Complete 3-4 times depending on your fitness level.

20 squats

20 alternating back lunges

20 renegade rows

20 bent over rows

20 in and out squat jumps

20 overhead press with a chest to floor burpee

20 Russian twists

We look forward to seeing you guys back in the studio on 28 December!! 

Merry Christmas!

Alishia Thomas