Q&A with Rise founder Anthony

For November's edition of the blog we decided to bring Rise's back to its roots and speak to co-founder- Anthony McLoughlin and find out just exactly how Rise came to be the amazing studio we know and love today ...

 Where did the concept for Rise come from?

The concept for Rise first come about when I approached Chilly who has been a friend for years about opening a indoor cycle studio. “SoulCycle” in USA captured my attention a few years prior to approaching and I was amazed at how it built such a great brand and revolutionised “spinning”. With Chilly having a background in a fitness business - Happiness Hot Yoga , I knew if we worked together we could create an amazing boutique cycling studio which led us to “RISE”

How did you get started with fitness?

I have played sport and trained for as long as I can remember, studying sport/fitness in school , college and university. I played football and attended boxing for years but then a family death led me to signing up for a marathon, which then led to 5 more .... I can now say I am addicted to endurance sports and love the freedom it gives me.

What is your personal fitness regime?

My personal fitness regime can be intense, it all depends if I am training for a event such as a marathon or Ironman. At times I can be hitting the pool 3 times a week swimming 6000m, cycling 100+ miles and running 20/30 miles a week, whilst also trying to squeeze in two weight sessions, look after the studio and a 1 year old!

If you were an instructor for the day, what type of themed class would you do and why?

My playlists are a little different to what anyone would expect, they include Van Morrison, Metronomy, Alt J mixed in with some Future Islands. I reckon 80% of the class would be off the seat with the resistance pretty high!

What are your favourite pre/post workout snack or shake?

Pre-workouts normally include a black coffee with coconut oil, whilst after a class in Rise, the 100 club supply me with everything I need in a juice ... apple, banana, kale, lemon , spirulina and extra EXTRA ginger!!

How does being a vegetarian impact your diet and training routine? Do you have to supplement?

I find being a vegetarian much better for the type of training I do, I always feel light and ready to train whatever time of the day. Whether its swimming, cycling or running I never want to be too bloated, so a plant based diet feels right for me.

How do you stay on track whilst on holiday?

I stay on track on holiday by still being active, which can be anything from a gym session to a walk along the beach or through the city. 30 minutes of exercise is better than nothing , if you get it done early you have the rest of the day still ahead of you.

What inspires you?

My sister Rosie will always be my inspiration, but I have a great group of friends who take part in the same activities as me who inspire me to get up an get training. Jordan , Joseph , Jp and Matty. We are always trying to outdo one another which keeps it enjoyable while being active

Whats the best part of your job at Rise?

The best part of my Job is seeing people leaving the studio sweating buckets with a smile on their face!! My job is made easier by being surrounded by a great team of instructors and staff

Whats your one health tip?

My one health tip is to keep moving !! Try an be as active as you can , you never want any regrets later in life about how you should have done something when you easily could have made them happen.

For more information on Rise and classes please visit www.risecycling.co.uk otherwise you catch Anthony in the studio for more Q&A's!!

Alishia Thomas