A Day in the Life of a Rise Instructor

Hey! I'm Richie and I'm an instructor here at Rise ...

For those who haven't met me yet or been brave enough to attend one of my classes, i'm also a personal trainer, aqua aerobics & circuits teacher and of a weekend slip into something more comfortable as a 'Butler in the Buff'.

An average day with me will start with my snooze button gettin tapped a few times before I get up and head straight for a coffee and porridge with peanut butter at about 6.50am

7.00am // This where I'll check my emails, reply to my clients who have had a melt down during the night (this is true) and make sure all my clients programmes are planned for day ahead and the music playlist is ready for classes at Rise

I have a 30min drive to work so I use this time to put Spotify on and shuffle threw music and listen to songs I think will work in new classes

8.00am // Arrive at work and have back to back clients untill 1.30pm with a 15min break! 

For breakfast i will have an omlette with salad. Keeping fuelled and watered is essential with these long days to maintain energy!

1.30pm // Time for a training session myself. I love my job and how social it is but I really need this hour for me to just lift weights, put my head phones in and be with my own thoughts. I'll train for a hour with weights 5-6 sets a week (I need to keep my body buff for my weekend butler work)

2.45pm // Lunch usually consists of chicken, seasbass or prawns with rice and greens

3.45pm // I head up the spin studio and see if the tracks I was driving to work on a bike rather then my steering wheel (there's only so much partying in my car i can do!)

5.30pm // Arrive at Rise for my 6pm Bros vs. Hos and 7.15pm RIDE45

I welcome new guests into the studio, set them up on the bikes, have a little chat, a little 5 with everyone who worked hard for the class- then its back to gym for my last client at 8.30pm!

8.30pm // Private personal training session

9.30pm // Now its a little bit of admin time and I'm replying to everyone who has tried contacting me throughout the day. More client meltdowns or people for songs which i used in my classes - honestly those classes are just infectious!! And also friends seeing I'm still alive haha as i haven't had chance to speak anyone all day

10.30pm // Finally get home and make a couple of calls before crashing out at 11.45pm ready to repeat it all again tomorrow 😁

Now unless it was a Friday or Saturday night, i would now be changing out of my under armour into a dicky-bow and apron to entertain the hens visiting Liverpool as my nighttime disguise as a butler in the buff 😳

Its all eat, work, ride, strip repeat ..... but i wouldnt have it any other way!

Make sure you catch my classes at Rise this week!

Monday 1800 & 19.15

Tuesday 1800

Wednesday 1800 & 1915

Friday 0945

Alishia Thomas