Hell NO H2O! by Hailey Coxon

Whether it be for a health reason, mental/physical performance or simply improving your appearance (instagram is calling!) your hydration levels must be your first point of call on your route to achieving optimal health. Dehydration effects most of the population, and our busy lifestyle’s can distract us from the simple steps our body require us to take, in order to stay and achieve balance. More often than not, we can become fixed on treating symptoms rather than the cause and in most cases dehydration can be the starting point of an imbalance within the body.

Clean, still water is essential for good health…FACT! Filtered tap water, in a BPA free bottle, or still (glass) bottled water is ‘ideal’.

To improve your water intake, gradually increase your consumption until you are drinking between 4 and 6 pints EVERY SINGLE DAY. You will find that your natural thirst mechanism becomes reactivated as you begin to give your body the water it needs!

Try to avoid drinking water with food, if you do need to drink whilst eating focus on small sips. Reason being, when water and food enter the stomach together, the water dilutes the digestive juices, thus interfering with the digestive process, causing incompletely digested food to move from the stomach into the small intestine.

When water is taken 30 mins prior to food, this passes through the stomach into the small intestine and actively aids the digestion.

Endeavour to wait 60 mins after food before having large amounts of water.

Why not try this simple water regime:

  • One pint of water on rising
  • Wait 30 mins before breakfast
  • Glass mid morning
  • One pint 30 mins before lunch
  • Glass mid afternoon
  • One pint 30 mins before evening meal
  • Glass during evening
  • Glass before bed


  • ALWAYS take a bottle of water wherever you go!
  • Very cold/hot water can be a shock to the system, so aim to consume the water at least at room temperature, which will ease the bodies’ process of hydration.
  • Drinking at regular intervals throughout the day is very reassuring for the body. It would be far less beneficial to drink a very large amount all at once then nothing for hours on end.
  • You can drink too MUCH water, so never more than one pint in any hour and set an upper limit of around 7-8 pints (unless you are very stressed, not sleeping well or doing lots of exercise which makes you sweat)
  • Anything other than still water will not hydrate the bodies’ cells effectively. Which means, sparkling water, juices, teas, coffee, flavoured water, ANYTHING other than still water, will not allow the cells to do their great work!


Put pressure on yourself to stick to a rigid water routine! This is simply a guide, try to enjoy the process, listen to the body and take small steps towards your hydration goal


Why not kickstart your new water regime today gorgeous people…..go on you are worth it!





In the case of heart failure, kidney disease, or any diagnosed chronic illness, please ONLY increase water under supervision from a professional.



Alishia Thomas