Juice of the Month by The 100 Club

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We caught up with Paul from the 100 Club juice bar and got the lowdown on the best smoothie to enjoy after an intense session at Rise.

“The Rise and Shine is a firm post- ride favourite to help your body recover after a gruelling spin class” It contains kale, apple spinach, cucumber and broccoli and has a host of great health benefits’

It’s hydrating, while spinach and apple offer up good amounts of iron and vitamin C. They’re also both high in fibre, which will help you control your appetite after you work out.

Kale is a highly nutritious green leaf which contains powerful antioxidants and helps protect against certain cancers. It’s also an excellent food to detox with due its cleansing properties. 

But most importatnly, and probably more hitting with our guests is cucumbers diuretic effect. Cucumbers are known to increase the speed at which toxins leave your body which help you detox from a night of drinking, eating bad food, or exposure to environmental toxins.

Its easy enough to make even at home, so we’ve sneaked the recipe from Paul so you can attempt to make from the comfort of your own home.

What you’ll need:

Juicer & Blender








Juice apple, broccoli, kale and cucumber. 

Blend with spinach, ice, serve and enjoy!


Pop in and enjoy a Rise and Shine today! The 100 Club is open 7 days a week from 9am.

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Alishia Thomas